Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm So Lucky

I work every weekend and this weekend was no exception. I didn't even leave to come home until midnight last night and I have a 45 min. drive. Then I had to stop for gas so by time I got home, it was almost 1 a.m. When I came in, my wife had me some supper cooked, thank God because I was starving. She told me that Emma had stayed awake as long as she could waiting on me until she finally had crashed about 5 minutes before I got home. I went into the living room where she was sleeping on the couch and this is what she was holding in her arms. It must have taken a lot for her to stay awake that long!

How cute is that?  I am so lucky to have such great and thoughtful kids.  I love it when I get home from work and they come running up to me to hug me because they are so happy for me to be home. It feels so good to be loved so much. It's a love that only a parent can explain or understand. They are growing up so fast. Much faster than I would like for them to. But I love watching what wonderful children they are growing into. I saw this poem one day. I have no idea who wrote it but I really liked it.

Tiny handprints grow so fast
Their awkward groping soon will clasp
A ball, a book, a sweetheart's hand
A diploma, briefcase, a wedding band.

Tiny handprints grow so strong
It doesn't take them very long
To snap a shirt, to paint, to draw
To work hard, to drive a car.

Tiny handprints grow to be
A person that is quite unique.
A wonderful mix of so many things
With his own feelings, thoughts and dreams.

Tiny handprints, grow to rely
On his parents to bring him up just right
His parent's pray that when he's grown
He'll say their job has been well done.

Tiny handprints are ours to love
The sweetest gift from God above
A miracle that never is surpassed
How sad they grow up way too fast.

I hope I can always remember my children just as they are today. Sweet and innocent. Loving and caring. I want so many things for my children and I can only hope that I can be a good example...the kind of Dad they can look up to and respect and not be ashamed of. I hope that I can be the kind of Dad that when my kids introduce me to their friends, they proudly say, "This is my Dad."

I hope all of you had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!