Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Dad's Pick...Week1...The Sodastream Soda Maker!

I thought it would be fun to share products that I love with all of you so this week I want to share the Sodastream Soda Maker with you! If you hang aroud the Blogosphere long enough, you are bound and determined to come across Sodastream somewhere and it's no wonder because it's a really cool product!  As if Soda isn't great enough already, but to be able to make your own is just over the top exciting, especially to our kids!

We have the Silver Fountain Jet. You can purchase it at the Website for right around $100 which is really reasonable considering how much soda you can make!

My favorite thing about the Sodastream Soda Maker is how simple it is to use!  The CO2 Cartridge installs very easily and then you just fill the bottle with water, twist it into the machine, push the button on the top 3 times, add the flavor and you are done! In less than a couple minutes, you have a liter of soda!!! 

We used our Soda Maker at our kids birthday party and it was a huge hit! All of the kids wanted to take a turn pushing the button to make the soda. The cola and lemon lime are among our favorites but we plan on ordering some new flavors and trying them too like Pete's choice (think Dr. Pepper) and Cream Soda. I would love to try the energy drink that is comparable to Red Bull too, as that is definitely my energy drink of choice!! Sodastream offers a 12 pack sampler that would probably be a good idea to try because then we could try out a dozen different flavors and find the one's we like the best.

If soda isn't your thing, you can make some really good sparkling water too! We love the lemon flavor.

In addition to the great taste and easy use, Sodastream soda maker is really economical because it reduces the waste of those plastic 2 liter bottles from the store (Because Sodastream uses reuseable 1 liter bottles).

Definitely a cool product for any family. This is a seriously cool Dad Pick!

*Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion, not a paid post. My family received a Sodastream machine and flavors free of charge from Sodastream*

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