Thursday, July 8, 2010

God help me!

Between work and the kids sports and stuff going on at home, I am finding that Blogging is a lot more work than I thought! I don’t get how some Bloggers can post every day. Kudos to you all! I have found that it is a nice outlet so I hope I can continue fitting it into my schedule. I don’t intend to turn into another Review Blog, although if I get an offer, I just might take them up on it if it’s good. I like CSN. They are a great company so I was excited when they contacted me to do a review and a giveaway. I hope one of you are lucky enough to win the $60 gift certificate from them!!

And on to the news of the week………

My wife has made the decision that it’s time for her to get back into the workforce and while I support her 100%, I am also very nervous!! She has been at home since the Fall of 2006 so when she gets a job, things are going to be so different around here. And since my job is basically 2nd and 3rd shift, Thursday-Sunday, that means that I am going to be the one who takes care of the kids and the house while my wife is working. This is the part that scares me. Don’t get me wrong. I have watched the kids plenty of times but never on an ongoing, regular basis. I don’t know how my wife manages to juggle caring for the kids and all the housework and the cooking and the shopping too. I’m worried that I won’t do a very good job and that my kids will want their Mom back. I’m not a very good cook, I don’t do too hot at getting the kids ready and I definitely need some work in the girls hair department before school starts next month.

So I wonder if my wife is as nervous as I am. There was the time that I duct taped Joshua to the living room door but it was just for fun. She didn’t think it was as funny as me and the kids did. Oh yea, and there was a time she left me and the kids to paint pumpkins and we painted the kids instead. Hmmmm. I bet she is terrified. Hahaha

So tonight I started trying to help around the house and I think she was impressed. She bought me a new grill today so I cooked Steak and Chicken for Supper! I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen up after we were done eating too. I picked up the rest of the house and swept and then I got all 3 of the older kids to bed while she put the baby to sleep. It felt good to help and it’s definitely going to help me to know the routine when she gets a job. I kind of hope it takes her awhile to find one so I can get into the groove again but she already had an interview today and is applying for some other jobs this week so I have a feeling it’s going to be right around the corner.

Any tips? Lol I need all of the help I can get!!!


  1. You will do fine. Braids and ponytails are pretty easy. Your daughter looks old enough to do her own hair, to me anyways, most 8 year old girls and older can do their hair, for the most part. I wish that my husband cleaned up more around the house, but he doesn't. I am honestly tired of asking and I am thinking of hanging a sign in the kitchen that says either "Please, clean up after yourself," or "Your mother doesn't live here, so please clean up your own messes." I think he thinks that the kitchen counters and floors clean themselves.